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Stud visit to Collessie Clydesdales 2019.

Border Highlands visit to Collessie and Pitmenzie

In August last year we had the pleasure of welcoming members and friends of Border Highlands Club to a stud visit to ourselves and also to Collessie Clydesdale Stud.
We started off at Collessie and we were all charmed by Clydesdale mares and their foals grazing on the lawn in front of the farmhouse.
The foals,were delightful and gave us all,such pleasure. Ronnie Black helped by his sons, Pete and Mike Black brought out various ages for us all to see. 
Later on we admired the magnificent stallions.  I know I can say that each and everyone of us thoroughly enjoyed the visit and will remember it for a long time.

Image: Ronnie explaining the structure of the mares.

Image: More foals

Image: Pete with Jennifer

Image: Foal

Image: Foals

Image: Ronnie and mare

Image: Jennifer

Image: Stallion

Image: Stallion

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