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Image: Stud visit.

Image: Stud visit

Image: Stud visit

Image: Stud visit

First Foal of 2023

My first and only foal expected in 2023 arrived just before 5am on  Tuesday 2nd May.  Eros of Achnacarry is the sire and Rosanna of Achnacarry the dam.   A strong colt foal.  I am delighted with him.  He will probably be grey/ cream dun.  I had him igG tested to check that he had had enough colostrum........all good in that department.   I look forward to his progress.
In light of the week he was born I have decided to call him Monarch.

2nd May 2023

Image: Monarch

Monarch is now 5 weeks old and maturing nicely.
He will most likely be for sale at weaning.

Image: 5 weeks old

Achnacarry Rannochs Boy. Bo. Yearling colt

Image: Bo

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