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Lambs and Magnus

Again a first for me.  I was given on loan for the season a handsome Shetland Tup called Baillie and these two little ewe lambs are his daughters both born in horrendous weather in May.
However  they are flourishing now and bringing much pleasure to one
and all.
They are named after my friends daughters.    Naomi and Jasmine.
Here they are with my other friends little son, Magnus.

Image: Magnus and the lambs


14th December. 2019

Who would have believed it?!! 

I have owned Highland ponies since 1963 and have bred them since 1978 .....my stud having been established in 1977 but I never dreamt that I would succumb to owning sheep although we did have two Suffolk lambs in the 90's which we inherited from neighbours.

My new additions belonged to a good neighbour who sold up and moved into the village of Auchtermuchty.  Therefore the sheep needed a new home and as they had 21 of them new owners had to be found.
So I own 5.  I started off with 6 Titch being especially a favourite that everyone wanted including me.  However she was so clever and found her way out of the field on to the road and I decided she needed to go somewhere safer so she is back where she was born 2 minutes down the road.  

I have her daughter here and another 3 ewes and one boy called Bobby.
The others are called Chloe, Blackie, Coco and Scrawny!!

Image: Lovely colours of my sheep

Image: My sheep

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