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We had a fantastic day on Friday 1st October at SKC May and August shows successfully run side by side by the Scottish Kennel Club.
I took Sam ( Achnacarry Sophie's Girl) and Lolitta ( Achnacarry Sams Girl).
Lolitta won the Limit class and then went on to win Best Bitch and received her first Challenge Certificate.  She has literally been off the show circuit since March 2019 due to Covid so what a come back.  She then went up against the Best Dog and was awarded Best of Breed.  

I couldn't have been any prouder of my little dog.

Her mother Sam won the Veteran class then up against Best Veteran dog she won Best veteran in Breed.  What a day.

In the non CC August show I again showed Lolitta this time in Open Dog or Bitch and yet again she won the class and was awarded Best of Breed.

Such a great day .  Thanks to my friends Helen and June for their company.
June also had a great day with her young boy  winning his puppy class then being awarded Best Puppy in Breed.


Not a lot to report on the dog front.  Still no Championship Shows attended by us although there are a few now  starting up south of the Border.
However we have entered for three local Open shows and are looking forward to showing at them .  We may be a bit rusty!

The girls are all well but missing their faithful friend Teal our black Labrador who sadly passed away on 24th June at the grand old age of 14yrs 7months.  She is sadly missed.

Image: Teal

Image: Teal and schnauzer

24th APRIL 2021

2021 so far........

This year has continued as most of last year in that there have been no dog shows to attend.  
We are all missing our friends and the usual banter and let's hope there are better times to come.

This photo is of Tallulah flattening my daffodils aided and abetted by Lolitta! 
These two are great friends and enjoy playing with each other

Image: Tallulah and Lolitta

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