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23rd NOVEMBER 2019

Image: James & Bruce

Image: Jasmine of Achnacarry

Image: Sergeant Major of Achnacarry

We set off to Lanark with Jasmine ...2 year old and Sergeant Major ..1 yr old.
It wasnt  an easy job to catch Jasmine as for some reason she decided she wasnt for catching!   However with the help of friend Ronnie Black of Collessie Clydesdales we eventually cornered her!!!
Major on the other hand couldn't wait to be caught!
Neither minded having legs and feet washed and after tails were done we put the hairdryer into use and they didn't mind in the slightest.

They both loaded and travelled like two pros.  They coped very well with the market and all that was there.
Jasmine delighted us by winning her class and Major walked and trotted out very well and was shown by James who was making his debute to Highland Pony showing.


21st OCTOBER 2019

Combined Stud Visit to Collessie Clydesdales & Our own Stud Achnacarry Highland Ponies.

Image: Ronnie & Jis Clydesdales.

In August the Border Highlands had arranged a stud visit with me a few months ago and I combined it with a visit to Collessie Clydesdales by kind permission of Mr. Ronnie Black.
The weather wasn't the best but managed to stay dry for our visit to Collessie where the Black family pulled out all the stops and showed us their magnificent Clydesdales starting with mares and foals on the front lawn followed by their youngsters and finishing with the great Clydesdale stallions.

We returned to Pitmenzie where we had a slap up lunch provided by the Border Highlands.  Afterwards they were shown round the Achnacarry ponies.

A lovely day all round.

14th SEPTEMBER 2019


This must be the earliest ever that I have had foals microchipped but what a relief to have it done.  Now just to complete the forms describing whorls and filling in the other details.
Maisie was the easier between the two but after an hour, between myself and my new helper James we managed to corner Julie and put on a headcollar.
What a big difference it is to have the help.
I am pleased with both foals and it will be interesting to watch them develop and change as no doubt they will!

Julie of Achnacarry (Eros of AchnacarryxSiusaidh of Achnacarry)

Image: Julie

Maisie of Achnacarry (Eros of AchnacarryxRosanna of Achnacarry)

Image: Maisie

12th JUNE 2019

At last!  Rosanna foaled a beautiful filly foal by Eros of Achnacarry..
This little lady is very welcome since Rosanna hasn't had a filly for years.
She has produced some lovely boys all of whom have lovely homes but as a breeder I was anxious for a filly to continue the line.
I am looking forward to,showing this little girl along with Julie my first born filly of 2019.

Image: Maisie of Achnacarry

APRIL 24th. 2019

A good morning to be born.

Delighted to have a filly foal born this morning to Siusaidh of Achnacarry by Eros of Achnacarry.
Alls well and new baby called Julie of Achnacarry .  She is named after her paternal grandmother Julie of Lundie.

Image: Julie of Achnacarry

Image: New filly foal.


Eros...sire of Julie .

Image: Eros

Image: Eros

MARCH 2019

Welcome to our 2019 news.

Life at Achnacarry Stud is always busy and although the winter has been relatively kind to us the ponies still need hay fed and last years foals needed weaning.   All this takes up time and we are always greatful for any help which is offered.

The two older foals have thrived and grown and are soon to be castrated then they will travel to their new homes.  MacDhui will be off up to the North of Scotland to John O Groats to a very good experienced and caring home.
Jura has also been extremely lucky to find a good home with another Highland Pony near Dunkeld.

The youngest foal....Sergeant Major at only six months has not been advertised yet and after castration will enjoy outside with the older ponies and be given time to grow and mature.

MacDhui of Achnacarry

Image: MacDhui.

Jura Royal of Achnacarry

Image: Jura Royal of Achnacarry


I just had to add Fingal to my news page. He has a great home with Sarah-Jane Bowers and made his debute at The Stallion Show at the beginning of March.  He didn't disgrace himself and I look forward to his adventures in 2019.

Image: Fingal

Photos curtesy of Equiscot Photography

Image: Fingal

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