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8th NOVEMBER 2018 News to date....

This year seems to be disappearing so fast and I have to confess I have only shown at one show which was Kinross show with Rowan and what a show.
She was 3rd in hand in the Highland class but we then went across to the Light Horse side where she was entered in hand and under saddle Veteran.  
In hand she was up against various horses and ponies .......no other Highlands and much to my delight she won!!  
She then went on to be ridden by Lucy Allison whose Mum, Lisa used to ride her for us in Competitions.  Again a nice big varied class and she was 2nd again delighting me.
She then had to come in for the Overall Championship and she won. 
Very proud of my little star.
Not bad for a 19 year old.  

Image: Rowan at Kinross

Image: Lucy and Rowan

A Wee Grey Fergie and Me!!!!!

Image: Grey Fergie and Me!!!

1st OCTOBER 2018

Late Foal,born 23rd September 2018

Image: Sergeant Major

Last year Rannoch was away on loan to friends for the season and when he returned in August I decided to put him back in with Fionnalaigh who had a foal at foot by Rannoch.  I thought another July foal,would,be ok......but.....
instead I had a Colt foal born last Sunday around 10.30am.
The foal had very long legs and was having problems getting up so I decided to phone for help and my friend came over and we managed to get him inside .  After two stressful nights of bottle feeding him every two hours he eventually managed to latch on himself and suck.  
As he was still a bit low the vet came out and gave him plasma and at the same time an abscess at his elbow burst .  The following morning he was a different foal up on his feet and much much brighter.
From then on he has gone from strength to strength and is now been outside twice with his mother..

Rannoch at his Best

This photo was taken by my young friend Hannah Melnyk when she was home visiting.  Rannoch always manages to " perform"!!

Image: R

The Year since January........

12th August.
It has taken me quite a while to update the website mainly due to breeding Standard Schnauzer puppies on 27th December 2017.
They took up a lot of my time but were very rewarding and they can be seen on my Schnauzer page.
Also the winter was pretty challenging this year being the worst here in a long time.   The Beast from the East certainly kept us all busy.
Eventually Spring arrived then Summer and we have been rewarded with glorious warm weather until today which has been pretty wet and miserable.
Not the best of weather for the glorious 12th!!

This year we have two colt foals born to Rosanna of Achnacarry and Siusaidh of Achnacarry both by Eros of Achnacarry.
Jura was born on the day of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Marple so a worthy name for him.
I decided to call Rosie's foal MacDhui...also a good strong name for a boy.

Jura Royal of Achnacarry

Image: Jura

MacDhui of Achnacarry

Image: MacDhui

Image: MacDhui

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