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A very happy New Year to all who take the time to come on to the web site and read our news.  The site will be updated soon with any new news of the ponies here at Achnacarry Stud.

17th NOVEMBER 2017


Well we started the year with three lovely foals.  First of all Jasmine was born the end of April then Merlin also by Eros arrived towards the end of May.
The following month on 8th July Snookums was born and all three foals seemed to thrive well but sadly we found Merlin lying dead in the field aged 4 months and to all outward signs up until that fateful day he was hale and hearty with no problems.
We can only assume he had a massive heart attack or similar.

At the moment Jasmine and Snookums are fine and alls well with them and long may it continue.


Image: Merlin

30th JULY 2017

We had the Breed Show on 9th July and I took Siusaidh and her filly foal, Jasmine and also Selkie.  Thanks to friends staying I was able to get them all boxed and delivered to Howe Centre where the Breed Show was taking place.

We had a fairly decent day.  Siusaidh was 5th in Brood Mare class and Jasmine was 3rd.  Selkie was initially pulled in 2nd place but ended up 3rd.

Many thanks to James Bone for the photographs.

Image: Jasmine

Image: Siusaidh and Jasmine

Image: Selkie

It's a while since updating the pony page and since the last update the foals have grown and we have also a new arrival. A Colt foal born to Fionnalaigh by Rannoch and after a worrying  start he is now 3 weeks and thriving.  Here are a few photos of him.  I have named him SOLDIER BOY OF ACHNACARRY.  Pet name Snookums!

Image: Snookums

Image: Soldier Boy of Achnacarry

Image: Soldier Boy of Achnacarry

29th June 2017

Here is a lovely photograph of two of my foals plus one from a visiting mare.

Image: My foals and Isys.

20th May 2017

After a day of torrential rain and most of the evening Merlin of Achnacarry arrived around 7-8pm!  All went well and both he and his dam seem very happy.

Image: Merlin

27th April 2017

Achnacarry Highland Ponies are pleased to report the birth of a beautiful filly foal.  She is by Eros of Achnacarry and out of Siusaidh of Achnacarry.

Image: Jasmine

17th April 2017

On 12th April my yearling Colt Jamie Fraser of Achnacarry (Eros of Achnacarry X Siusaidh of Achnacarry) left for his new home in Gruenberg-harbach, Germany to be with his new owner Dr Katrin Magel.
I was very pleased and relieved to learn today that he arrived safely and I can't thank enough  the transporters Seth Douglas of Douglas Transport and ETA the European transport company for delivering him in the peak of condition.
I wish his new owner Dr Katrin Magel the very best of luck with him and look forward to hearing from them in the future.

Image: Jamie

Image: Jamie with Katrin

4th APRIL 2017

At last winter is leaving us and Spring has started and soon there will be foals on the ground.
Not much news at Achnacarry Stud other than 5 ponies in total have all left for new homes .  One colt foal, MacKenzie, left for Ayrshire to join Tower Stud and hopefully if he matures nicely will be their stud stallion for a few years.
Towards the end of next week the other Colt foal Jamie leaves for his new home in Germany again as a prospective breeding stallion which is very exciting for the Stud which is called Glass Beinn.
We wish both new owners all the best with these lovely boys.

Jamie and MacKenzie in the barn.

Image: Jamie and MacKenzie

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