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FOALS 2016

28th September 2016

Time for some more photographs of the foals.  They have grown again and are now all 4 months old..

Swallow.......Filly foal

Image: Swallow

Image: Swallow.filly foal

Our first foal of the year was born on 16th May to Rannoch and Fionnalaigh and my very first Rannoch filly.  All the visiting mares have had fillies from him but until now I have always had colts.
she goes right back to my original foundation mares......Ella of Whitefield and Julie of Lundie.

Next we had Siusaidh's Colt foal born on 24th May.  Eros is her sire.  
Lastly Rosanna's foal was born on 26th May again By Eros.

Swallow at two weeks old

Image: Swallow....Fionnalaighs foal at two weeks

Swallow at 6 weeks old

Image: Swallow Fionnalaighs foal 6 weeks old

Jamie at around 2 weeks old.

Image: Jamie ....Siusaidh's foal a few weeks old

Jamie at 5 weeks old

Image: Jamie at 5 weeks old

Image: Jamie....Colt,foal

MacKenzie at around 2 weeks old

Image: MacKenzie around 2 weeks old

MacKenzie at 5 weeks old

Image: MacKenzie at 5 weeks old


Image: Mackenzie....Colt foal

Image: Mackenzie

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